Satori partners with the New Zealand Transport Agency to reduce traffic congestion in high-growth urban areas.

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The Live Data Platform

We live in a new era where live data is constantly being generated, analyzed and connected. 

Satori is a fully managed platform as a service that lets you connect, process and react to streaming live data at ultra-low latency, powering a new class of Internet-scale apps.

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Mesh Mobile 2X

Smart Cities

Satori enables smart city solutions to act upon and react to events instantly, as they happen, with unprecedented throughput, auto-scaling and ultra-low latency.

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Build powerful apps to harness streaming live data

Use our SDKs or APIs and Live Messaging service to publish streaming live data from your app, and/or subscribe to streaming feeds from our library of open data channels. Transform, filter and aggregate the data using streamviews with Live Discovery. You can use Streambots™ to integrate custom logic directly into data streams with Live Reactions.

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Satori Platform Features

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    Live Messaging

    Send and receive live data streams at massive scale and ultra-low latency with the next generation pub-sub messaging service.

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    Live Discovery

    Inspect, filter, transform and route live data optimally with dynamic, in-stream SQL-based querying views.

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    Live Reactions

    Deliver smarter data with streambots executing custom logic that reacts to live data streams.

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