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Easily build powerful apps that harness streaming live data

Satori is a fully managed platform-as-a-service that lets you connect, process and react to streaming live data at ultra-low latency, powering a new class of Internet-scale apps.

Use our SDKs or APIs and Live Messaging service to publish streaming live data from your app, and/or subscribe to streaming feeds from our library of open data channels. Transform, filter and aggregate the data using streamviews with Live Discovery. You can use streambots™ to integrate custom logic directly into data streams with Live Reactions.

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New Era of Live Data

We live in a new era where live data is constantly being generated, analyzed and connected - Satori enables you to act upon and react to live data instantly.

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Satori Platform Features

Live Messaging

Send and receive live data streams at massive scale and ultra-low latency with the next generation pub-sub messaging service

Icon Internetscale

Internet Scale

Proven infrastructure to support billions of data channels and endpoints processing trillions of daily transactions.

Icon Unprecedentedperformance

Unprecedented Performance

Ultra-low millisecond latency delivered with massive throughput at over 350 million messages per second.

Icon Robustmessaging

Robust Messaging

Guaranteed message ordering & delivery, continuous redundancy with no single point of failure, data encryption and role-based authorization.

Live Discovery

Inspect, filter, transform and route live data optimally with dynamic, in-stream SQL-based querying views

Icon Easytouse

Easy to Use

No configuration or pre-indexing of data and schema-less.

Icon Cost

Optimized Delivery & Cost

Server-side processing optimizes data delivery and network costs.

Icon Lineperformance

Line Rate Performance

High performance design with in-memory SQL-based calculations and stateful data routing.

Live Reactions

Deliver smarter data with streambots executing custom logic that reacts to live data streams

Icon Instantcomputations

Instant Computations

Streambot microservices attach to live data channels & trigger actions at ultra-low latencies.

Icon Autoscale

Automatic Scaling

Delivers automatic scaling with server-less architecture and on-demand sharding to accommodate message volumes.

Icon Botframework

Extensible Bot Framework

Supports real time workflows, user defined functions and connections to external services and APIs.

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