A Decentralized Live
Data Platform

Satori is a live streaming data platform capable of immediate integration, interaction, correlation, and intelligent response at high throughput and ultra-low latency.

Smart Cities

Satori enables smart city solutions to act upon and react to events instantly, as they happen, with unprecedented throughput, auto-scaling and ultra-low latency.

Live Video Analytics for
Real-Time Insights

Satori provides a low-cost, real-time, AI-driven solution for live analytics across multiple data formats. In particular, Satori is poised to transform how we understand video data captured by over 500MM cameras currently in existence. Combining powerful live data processing and its network of StreambotsTM, Satori can enrich video streams in real-time to help users identify and react to potential objects of interest, patterns, and anomalies.


Build powerful apps

to harness streaming live data

Satori is a fully managed platform-as-a-service that lets you connect, process and react to streaming live data at ultra-low latency, powering a new class of Internet-scale apps.

Use our SDKs or APIs and Live Messaging service to publish

streaming live data from your app, and/or subscribe to streaming feeds from our library of open data channels and then shape the data with Live Discovery.  You can also use stream bots to integrate custom logic directly into data streams with Live Reactions.

Build powerful apps

to harness streaming live data

Satori Platform Features

  • Live Messaging

    Live Messaging

    Send and receive live data streams at massive scale and ultra-low latency with the next generation pub-sub messaging service

  • Live Discovery

    Live Discovery

    Inspect, filter, transform and route live data optimally with dynamic, in-stream SQL-based querying views

  • Live Reactions

    Live Reactions

    Deliver smarter data with stream bots executing custom logic that reacts to live data streams

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