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Your definitive guide to subscribing and publishing live data

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Publish your own data publicly or republish live data. Live data feeds are everywhere. To name just a few, US government posts earthquake notifications in their USGS feed, Meetup provides RSVPs feed, Wikipedia broadcasts wiki page edits to RCStream. These feeds, and more, are already being republished into Satori live channels. Find them in the Live Data Portal or start republishing other feeds.

Multiple data feeds can be republished into a single aggregated live channel. For example, Bay area bike sharing and Bike town, Portland are republished to a single Bike Sharing channel. Find your own creative and meaningful ways to merge data: match earthquakes to tweets about them, bitcoin transactions to stock prices, anything goes.

To republish, find a live feed and republish it as a live stream to Satori. Start by registering a live channel on Satori. Your client code should implement retrieving the feed data, checking returned data for new information and publishing it to RTM.

Download the SDK in the language of your choice as a foundation for your republishing client. Or, we made it even easier for you using Composer.


Learn about live data on Satori, problems with the live data today, and who it is for.

Registering live channel

Learn how to add and test a live channel in Dev Portal, how to get it verified and made public.

Publishing and republishing live data

Learn about publishing to live channels, processing external data sources for republishing, using Composer project or other plausible implementations.

Building apps off live data

Learn about exploring live channels in the Dev Portal and how to start developing applications subscribed to live channels.


Learn about Composer (experimental project) providing configurable data processing pipelines for publishing and republishing data source to RTM.