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Your definitive guide to subscribing and publishing live data

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The Satori Live Data Ecosystem

Satori is a cloud-based, live data ecosystem for filtering, and building apps on top of any schema-less real-time live data as it happens - for free. Now cloud-based messaging is a free commodity for everyone, with practically no limits on messages.

  • Live Messaging, a cloud-based, managed messaging service at the core of the Satori platform. It is known in our technical documentation and client SDKs as RTM.

  • Live Discovery, a dynamic SQL-based real-time message filtering service that can query at line rate with no configuration or need to index data in advance.

  • Live Reactions, in-stream bots that attach to live data channels, reacting and triggering reactions at very low latencies.

  • Apps and bots that use the Satori client SDKs to communicate by publishing messages and subscribing to channels over a WebSocket connection to RTM.

  • Library of open data channels called the Open Live Data Portal. Each channel includes a description, the actual data being published, an appkey and endpoint, and a console that you can use to run SQL queries on channel data.  

  • The Dev Portal web application is used to create and manage open data channels, projects, and bots for an organization.