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Your definitive guide to subscribing and publishing live data

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Satori supports a number of options you can use to build a client to access live data. Refer to the table below when choosing how you will build a client app that meets your requirements. If not sure, we recommend that you start with an RTM SDK.

Framework Language Description Mobile & Browser Support


Use one of the SDKs for handling communications with RTM.

This is the default choice for general purpose client implementations.



Deployed in the Satori cloud to continuously run without GUI, Streambots™ provide an efficient network link and require no user code to maintain RTM connection or subscriptions.
You can code custom logic to process the data in Streambots™.

The Beta version of Streambots™ does not have outside internet access. Use Streambots™ for computing, transforming data from specific channels, and publishing results to other channels.




(no coding in some cases)

Contains a collection of ready-to-use modules, a runtime and orchestration for the modules, and a plugin architecture for custom extensions.

For implementation covered by ready-to-use modules, only JSON config is needed,
and no coding is necessary.


Wire (raw API)


If you have specific use cases not supported by RTM SDKs, your client can communicate
with RTM using the raw API over any compliant WebSocket implementation.