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Your definitive guide to subscribing and publishing live data

Publish Live Data Direct link

If you want to publish data to a live channel, you need to implement and deploy a client that continuously publishes data to the channel. The client would need to either retrieve the data from another public internet source or bridge a custom source you have, and publish the data to your channel.

NOTE: The Beta versions of Streambots™ do not have internet access to external endpoints. The only source of incoming data to Streambots™ is via RTM channels. Therefore, Streambots™ cannot be used for republishing data from outside world into RTM. Use Streambots™ to process and transform data among RTM channels.

Publish to Live Channels Direct link

Implementation details of publishing to a live channel follow the same general process as to publishing to a regular project channel as described in RTM publish-subscribe overview and SDK examples.

Additionally, when implementing a client to publish to a live channel, you need to address the following specifics:

  • Authentication
    After a connection to RTM is established and before any publish operation is performed, your client app must supply and confirm the role and the secret key. See the Connection and Permissions section in Registering Live Channel for obtaining the role and the key, and see Access Control for the authentication flow in RTM.
  • Processing data from diverse data sources to prepare the data for republishing
    See the next section.

Republish from External Data Sources Direct link

Implementations of retrieving and processing data from different sources vary depending on the specifics of the source, but it usually involves the following types of tasks.

  • Poll: HTTP polling and getting data from the response
  • Convert: Converting data to the JSON format
  • Dedup: Filtering out duplicate data when data gets repeated in consecutive requests due to a data source implementation
  • Publish: Republishing to RTM

To republish data from other data sources to a live channel, your client needs to implement and coordinate the above tasks while reliably staying running.

Satori Composer

Satori Composer is a ready-to-go project implemented to digest different data sources and republish them to RTM. You can use composer as a complete solution, by configuring it for your needs, or as an implementation reference for your own client.

We recommend referencing composer source code even if you are implementing  your own solution for republishing to live channels. Examples of features that composer provides are:

  • HTTP poller mod uses the if-modified headers to prevent duplicated responses with unmodified content.
  • RTM publisher is tuned to work with heavy batch bulks.