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Your definitive guide to subscribing and publishing live data

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Open data is free for anyone to access, analyze, reuse, and re-distribute. Live data refers to continually changing and instantly relevant content.

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While there have been many “realtime” and “open” data initiatives throughout the years, the current state is one of limited access and poor implementations. Open data is scattered across thousands of websites. Getting to the data commonly involves registrations with multiple parties, limited quotas, processing different and often difficult data formats, and various technical difficulties. In addition, traditional pull technologies are deployed in an attempt to serve the distribution of the live data.  

Providing open data to everyone requires infrastructure capable of continuous uptime and scaling in various directions: massive number of publishers, channels (aka topics), concurrent consumer endpoints, total amount of data transfer, etc.

The nature of the live data adds additional challenges. In particular, it requires a paradigm shift from pull to push technologies. Live data is inherently streaming and realtime: it is ill-suited for traditional data feeds based on busy polling. For instance, one of the common problem with current feeds is the networking waste and logical implications due to re-retrieving duplicate data (polled in an earlier request). This is just one of many headaches of using inadequate technologies; the result is a pretense of live data.

From the onset, Satori was designed and built for handling realtime streaming data, in the most cost effective way. Ultimately, it provides the first truly practical place where anyone can publish live open data, and any interested party can access it. The Live Open Data Portal on Satori is a hub for both data providers and developers.

Open Channels Direct link

An  Open Channel is a publicly available channel in the Live Open Data Portal. Anyone is allowed to subscribe to these channels; no authentication required.

In terms of core functionality, an open channel is the same as a regular project-specific channel in RTM: you use the same RTM API, SDKs and tools to work with it. The difference lies in the bookkeeping of an open channel: mandatory permissions, registration, content guidelines, and placement in the Live Data Open Portal.

While anyone can subscribe, only the owner of an Open Channel controls who is allowed to publish to it. This guarantees the data integrity and protects the publisher's reputation.

Anyone can become an open data publisher (channel owner) by creating their own open channel(s). Since the data from open channels is publically exposed to everyone, a simple verification step is required before the channel actually goes public.

Who Should Publish Direct link

Anyone who owns the rights to open data and wants to share it with the world can create an open channel with Satori and start publishing.

Anyone willing to contribute to merging today’s publicly-available, “siloed” data into a common shared front accessible to all, register an open channel with Satori and start republishing.

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Open data on Satori is for everyone. Whether you are a curious enthusiast, professional software developer, or entrepreneur of the next disruptive app, explore our Live Open Data Portal: subscribe to one or many channels, invent and implement new ideas or re-invent established ideas in new ways, or build apps and bots.