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Your definitive guide to subscribing and publishing live data

Register Open Channel Direct link

This article describes how to add and test an open channel, get it verified and made public.

Add Open Channel in Dev Portal Direct link

To add an open channel:

  1. In the Dev Portal, navigate to Open Data > Create an open channel.dp-och-adding.png#asset:3033:url
  2. Specify the following information:

    • Channel title: The channel title identifies the channel in the Live Open Data Channel.

    • Channel name: The name of the channel must be unique within Satori open channels and, once assigned, it should not be changed.

    • Description: Include a description so that other Satori users have more details about messages in your channel. For example, you can explain where the data comes from and how others can benefit from your channel.
      In case of republishing open data, channel description should contain the data source URL, polling frequency, data attribution (if needed), and any required by app developers subscribed to this channel.

    • Tags: Includes at least one tag that is relevant to the channel that your submission pertains to. The tag must not be misleading, insufficient, inaccurate, incomplete, or otherwise improper.

  3. Select to accept the terms and policy.
  4. Click Add.

Connection and Permissions

Once a new open channel is added, it is automatically assigned the publish and subscribe permissions with a fixed role and a secret key for authentication. Verified open channel permissions are set so that anyone can subscribe to the channel with or without role authentication, but only properly authenticated connection with the provided role is allowed to publish. For a general overview, see Access Control.

Click the name of the channel you just added and click the Publish / Subscribe tab.  Note the values of the Appkey, Endpoint, Role name , and Role secret key. You will need these to publish open data.

Unverified Status

The Dev Portal adds the open channel with a status of Unverified. Until your channel is verified, it will not be available to the public, but you can now privately publish open data to the channel.

Test Open Channel with Web Console Direct link

Use the Web Console in the Dev Portal to test and explore your channels: you can view and publish channel messages in it.

  1. In the Dev Portal, navigate to Open Data > My channels.
  2. Click the channel title and click the Console tab.
    The Web Console automatically connects and authenticates with RTM, subscribes to the selected open channel, and displays the messages being published to it.

See Monitor Channels in Web Console for more information about the Web Console.

Verify Open Channel and Go Public Direct link

After you create and test an open channel, review the following Satori terms of use and the privacy policy:

When you are certain that your data conforms to the guidelines, submit the channel for verification:

  1. To get an open channel verified, you must first start publishing a live data stream to it.
  2. In the Dev Portal, navigate to Open Data > My channels.
  3. Click the channel title and click Submit for verification.
    Satori will check the channel for compliance and confirms its status.

Verification certifies that your open channel meets the Satori open data guidelines for content, format, and consistency. 

If your open channel does not meet the guidelines, Satori blocks it and sends you a notification. You can make any necessary change to the channel and re-submit for verification.

Once your channel has been verified, it becomes public and can be found in Live Open Data Portal.