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Your definitive guide to subscribing and publishing live data

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Satori provides RTM SDKs as a foundation for creating mobile, web-based, embedded or server applications communicating with RTM (realtime messaging service at the core of the Satori platform).

The SDKs manage communication with RTM, including publishing and subscribing. For each SDK, you create an RTM client instance and then use that instance to publish messages and subscribe to channels.

Satori provides the RTM SDKs as open-source on GitHub, so you can contribute to the SDKs.

SDKs usage examples are provided further in Setup and Tutorials sections; more examples are under Using Satori (publish examples, subscribe examples), on each live channel page; plus updated content and more help is on the way.

Satori RTM SDKs

satori-com on github contains all RTM SDKs and other projects repos:

Satori RTM CLI tool

Python SDK distribution includes a standalone command line tool to interact with RTM from the terminal, named RTM CLI. Use the tool is for development and learning: it allows to inspect or test the channels by subscribing, publishing to RTM from the command line.

Note:  Java, Python, C# and C SDKs also support user-choice JSON parsers and WebSocket libraries.