Satori Platform Features

Connect, process and react to streaming live data at ultra-low latency.

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Live Messaging

Send and receive live data streams at massive scale and ultra-low latency with the next generation pub-sub messaging service.

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    Internet Scale

    Proven infrastructure to support billions of data channels and endpoints processing trillions of daily transactions.

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    Unprecedented Performance

    Ultra-low millisecond latency delivered with massive throughout at over 500 million messages per second.

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    Robust Messaging

    Guaranteed message ordering & delivery, continuous redundancy with no single point of failure, data encryption and role-based authorization.

Live Discovery

Inspect, filter, transform, and route live data optimally with dynamic, in-stream SQL-based querying views.

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    Easy to Use

    No configuration or pre-indexing of data and schema-less.

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    Optimized Delivery & Cost

    Server-side processing optimizes data delivery and network costs.

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    Line Rate Performance

    High performance design with in-memory SQL-based calculations and stateful data routing.

Live Reactions

Deliver smarter data with Streambots™ executing custom logic that reacts to live data streams.

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    Instant Computations

    Streambots™ microservices attach to live data channels & trigger actions at ultra-low latencies.

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    Automatic Scaling

    Delivers automatic scaling with server-less architecture and on-demand sharding to accommodate message volumes.

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    Extensible Bot Framework

    Supports real-time workflows, user-defined functions and connections to external services and APIs.

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