Satori for Smart Cities

Interaction with streaming live data is fundamental to creating connected and sustainable smart cities. Satori’s live data platform is a cloud-based, realtime data platform that lets you connect, process and react to streaming live data. Satori can help you implement a variety of smart city use cases for connected citizens across:

  • Transportation: fleet management, smart logistics, smart roadways, connected vehicles

  • Safety: emergency response, pedestrian and bike safety, crime forecasting, flood detection

  • Environment: energy efficiency, air quality, water management, smart street lighting

Unlike traditional data platforms, Satori enables smart city solutions to act upon and react to events instantly, as they happen, with unprecedented throughput, auto-scaling and ultra-low latency. Satori simplifies the aggregation and normalization of desperate data sources such as sensors, camera feeds, geolocation and other sources - Data Fusion. 

Satori’s fully managed, server-less architecture eliminates the need to provision any infrastructure resulting in reduced operational cost and complexity.

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Smart City Case Study:
New Zealand Transportation & Live Data

Satori is partnering with the New Zealand Transportation Agency (NZTA) to deliver something new for public transportation—a new Mobility as a Service (MaaS) Marketplace of smart city apps that deliver on the goal to reduce traffic congestion in high-growth urban areas.

New Zealand, like many major countries, faces an increasingly complex set of problems, such as increasing population density and urban sprawl, continuous technological change, and shifting customer expectations including  demand for realtime information, especially in high-growth urban areas.

Satori is closely collaborating with public agencies and private transit agencies for the New Zealand Transportation Authority MaaS project. Working with site planners, data managers, and city administrators, Satori is coalescing streaming data feeds from all transportation data sources into a single live open data channel for all New Zealand.

Satori has also taken an end-to-end leadership role by developing proof-of-concept applications for city managers, citizens, and tourists. These smart city solution examples have been successful in implementing New Zealand’s vision and the NZTA is using these sample applications to kick start the creation of their production applications.

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Smart City Command Center for Transportation

By gathering national streaming open transportation data onto Satori, transportation officials will be able to better facilitate a more connected transportation service across the system. Country managers, country administrators, and city managers will be able to take advantage of potential benefits:

  • Analyze and adjust entire transportation systems for better efficiency

  • Analyze and reallocate resources for single route scenarios

  • Provide real time incentives to citizens

  • Increase utilization of public resources through dynamic pricing

And more.

Officials will be able to provide a more efficient transportation system that better facilitates, easy, safe, real time, user-friendly, integrated multimodal travel services. Ultimately offering a more connected and personal journey that is seamless, predictive and responsive.

Smart City App

The smart city app uses Satori to integrate a variety of streaming live open data feeds from various sources into one unified app, enabling citizens to easily search for the services they are interested in (e.g. taxis, rideshare, restaurants, tourist attractions) and make realtime decisions for their daily activities. 

U.S. Department of Transportation Data Challenge

The U.S Department of Transportation Data Challenge is hosted by the Regional Big Data Innovation Hubs and includes six categories.  Satori is chairing the Bike and Pedestrian category.  We are inviting partners and developers to join the Challenge and share your ideas through a series of community problem-solving sessions, hackathons and demos across the nation.  We’ll post information and updates on the Bike and Pedestrian Transportation Data Challenge here.

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