New Zealand Transportation and Live Data

New Zealand is facing increasingly complex problems like technological changes, customer expectations, and demand for real time information especially in high-growth urban areas. Those problems can’t be solved by any one governmental organization or by traditional solutions. Working with transportation agencies to utilize opportunities that streaming live open data offers, unique solutions that alleviate demand and capacity constraints that a growing population puts on an economy and its infrastructure can emerge. 

 By working with Satori, government and transportation agencies all over the world can now take advantage of streaming live open data streaming through a single channel. Not only will they be able to gain valuable insights that range from granular to global but it also means that any developer can create live data apps in minutes. Apps that provide real time choices that positively impact people, businesses and cities’ transport networks - all for free.

Check out the live data channel feed for all New Zealand live open transportation data in the Open Data Portal.

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Developers, now you can create stream bots and apps with real, live data - for free!

Create the next Periscope or Instagram in weeks for free with high throughput and ultra low latency built-in. Plus, you can create up to two live stream bots for free. Live stream bots not only live in the data stream but also transform data on the fly. Check out our developer portal with SDKs, tutorials, FAQs, community boards, and more.

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